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Scaling Uber Metric System from Elasticsearch to Pinot

Nan Ding Nan Ding | Staff Engineer | Uber
Yupeng Fu Yupeng Fu | Principal Software Engineer | Uber

At Uber, we’ve been using realtime system to support time-sensitive critical use cases for years, including Gairos, which was initiated in the Marketplace Org and then widely used across the company since 2014, and uMetric, which has emerged rapidly since 2020.

Continuous effort has been spent toward the reliability and performance of these realtime platforms, to cope with traffic growth, increasing number of users, different varieties of use cases, and following work such as operation cost, resource planning, and optimization feature development. In this presentation we'll share the things we did right to solve these challenges, including fully replace Elasticsearch with Apache Pinot as the realtime storage of our ecosystem.

Nan Ding
Nan Ding
Staff Engineer | Uber

Nan is a staff engineer at Uber, and leads data platform reliability and performance of Marketplace uMetric team.

Yupeng Fu
Yupeng Fu
Principal Software Engineer | Uber

Yupeng Fu is a Principal Engineer at Uber and he leads the Real-time Data platform and Search platform at Uber. Yupeng Fu is also an Apache Pinot committer.