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Publishing Jupyter Notebooks with Quarto

J.J. Allaire J.J. Allaire | CEO | Posit / RStudio

Quarto is a multi-language, open-source toolkit for creating data-driven websites, reports, presentations, and scientific articles. Quarto is built on Jupyter, and in this talk we'll demonstrate using Quarto to publish Jupyter notebooks as production quality websites, books, blogs, presentations, PDFs, Office documents, and more. We'll also cover how to publish notebooks within existing content management systems like Hugo, Docusaurus, and Confluence. Finally, we'll explore how Quarto works under the hood along with how the system can be extended to accommodate unique requirements and workflows.

J.J. Allaire
J.J. Allaire
CEO | Posit / RStudio

J.J. Allaire is the founder of RStudio and the creator of the RStudio IDE. J.J. is an author of several packages in the R Markdown publishing ecosystem including rmarkdown, flexdashboard, learnr, and distill, and also worked extensively on the R interfaces to Python and TensorFlow. J.J. is now leading the Quarto project, which is a new Jupyter-based scientific and technical publishing system.