dbt is great for batch, but it can only approximate transforming streaming data. Together with the dbt community, we’ve worked on an adapter that allows you to transform your streaming data in real-time using Materialize as your data warehouse. What does this mean in practice? The first time you run a dbt model on top of Materialize…well, you never have to run it again! No matter how much or how frequently your data arrives, your model will stay up to date. No matter when you query your view, it will always return a fresh answer. Excited? Skeptical? Cautiously optimistic? Join us to see it for yourself as we walk you through a demo!

Jessica Laughlin

Strategic Initiatives Lead | Materialize

Jessica is passionate about creating the perfect data architecture for every problem. Previously, that meant automating a data science team’s manual workflows via Airflow, Kubernetes, and GCP. Currently, Jessica is using that passion to build the streaming database of her dreams at Materialize. She joined Materialize as an early engineer, and is currently serving as their Strategic Initiatives Lead.

Jessica Laughlin