Developments in Artificial Intelligence, particularly those within the subfield of Machine Learning, are revolutionizing virtually every industry on the planet. The global sports betting industry, especially with the United States' repeal of PASPA in 2018, is ripe for disruption. Exponential increases in the ability to collect, distribute, and analyze sports data have led to an influx of top engineers entering the space. This presentation will focus on some of the principal ways in which Machine Learning is revolutionizing the industry, ranging from oddsmaking and risk management to fraud detection and responsible gaming implementations. It will also offer a guide to the economics of the business side of the industry and discuss relevant current topics in the tech space, such as adversarial machine learning.

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Lloyd Danzig

Chairman & Founder | ICED(AI)

Lloyd Danzig is the Chairman & Founder of the International Consortium for the Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring that rapid developments in A.I. are made with a keen eye toward the long-term interests of humanity. He is also the Founder & CEO of Sharp Alpha Advisors, a sports betting business and investment consultancy with a focus on companies deploying cutting-edge tech.

He has previously managed institutional portfolios for BlackRock, data science initiatives for Samsung, and Machine Learning engines for sportsbook operators, along with a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

He has been privileged to be featured as a guest speaker on the evolving role of Machine Learning in gaming at numerous prestigious universities including Stanford University, Columbia University, and The Wharton School of Business, in addition to private sector conferences including QConAI, Betting on Sports, The AI Summit, MathSport International, The All American Sports Betting Summit, Sport & Society, and IAGR 2019.

Lloyd Danzig