Looker is a BI tool rapidly growing in popularity. Its hidden strength is that data engineers love it, because it allows you to evolve your data pipeline gradually, while still delivering dashboards and analytics to business users. Julian Hyde, creator of Apache Calcite and now an Architect at Looker, gives a deep dive of Looker's "derived tables", which allow you to defer ETL, add rich features like custom dimensions and measures to your model, and cache data on demand.

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Julian Hyde

Architect at Looker | Looker

Architect and cofounder of SQLstream, Julian Hyde is an expert on business intelligence, data integration, and database internals. Julian was the founder and lead developer of the Mondrian - the leading open-source relational OLAP engine, which has been widely deployed and in mission-critical use by many large enterprises across the world.He has been writing database software for most of his professional life: he was a founding engineer at Broadbase Software (now KANA Software), where he built the Broadbase SQL engine, ETL tools, and BI suite. Before that, Julian was a kernel engineer at Oracle, where he led the development of Oracle's bitmap indexes.

Julian Hyde

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