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Introducing Switch: A Framework for Custom Data Applications

Josh Ferguson Josh Ferguson | co-founder and Chief Architect | Mode

Data teams need to develop a wide variety of custom data applications for business users across the organization. Building these applications is time consuming and error prone primarily because there isn't a common approach to data modeling, querying, and processing that is flexible enough to meet the demands of the business. Switch is a framework that provides data teams with a common foundation for their data applications.

It includes an expressive formula language for business users along with a powerful query language for developers. It works with existing relational databases to deliver scalable data processing and comes out-of-the-box with several database adapters. Adopting Switch helps data teams to deliver more value to their organizations faster. I'll explain the vision, concepts, and components of the project as well as show off some of the ways we're using it in our products today. I'll also share the development roadmap and our plans for releasing it to the open source community.

Josh Ferguson
Josh Ferguson
co-founder and Chief Architect | Mode

Josh is obsessed with building data applications. As a data engineering practitioner of almost twenty years he has created foundational tools and infrastructures for startups and fortune 100s alike. He is currently the cofounder and Chief Architect at Mode, where he's helping the team deliver a collaborative platform for analysts and data scientists. Prior to Mode he built and led the data engineering team at Yammer where he later helped transform Office 365 into a more data-driven business unit as part of the Microsoft's acquisition of the company.