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How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: Modernizing a Business with Data Products

Julie Hollek Julie Hollek | Senior DS and ML Manager | Mozilla

If you ask a group of people what the term “data scientist” means to them, you will definitely get multiple answers. In this ever-evolving field of data science, different specialities arise, and one of the most business-impactful aspects centers around analytics. In this talk, we will discuss why it’s important that we, as an industry, empower this role and walk through a case study that demonstrates the many different aspects of what it truly means to build a data product that democratizes analytics. This journey will take us from data policy to the technical underpinnings that support that policy, to operationalization where we’ll tie it all together to form part of the foundation of a compelling data product.

Julie Hollek
Julie Hollek
Senior DS and ML Manager | Mozilla

Julie Hollek is a senior manager at Mozilla where she runs the Revenue Data Science team and the Machine Learning DS group. Previously she worked at Twitter in the health space.  In a past life, she earned her Ph.D in astronomy by exploring the history of the early universe through the study of old stars. She has been involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts throughout her career, has served as a committee chair for the SciPy Conference, and was a co-organizer for PyLadies SF.