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Generative AI for Search

D. Sivakumar D. Sivakumar | Co-Founder & CEO | Tonita

D. Sivakumar  will discuss the evolving -- and immensely powerful -- role that generative AI methods, especially in NLP and Vision, play in Search, broadly construed.  Through a number of anecdotes and organizing principles, he will highlight a handful of key challenges and promising directions.

D. Sivakumar
D. Sivakumar
Co-Founder & CEO | Tonita

D. Sivakumar (Siva) is co-founder and CEO of, whose mission is to bring fluent natural-language search to every search box on the Web. Prior to founding Tonita in 2021, he worked in the research organizations at Google, Yahoo!, and IBM. His research has spanned algorithms and complexity, web search, and deep learning.