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Generative AI for Product Builders

Tristan Zajonc Tristan Zajonc | CEO & Co-Founder | Continual

The emergence of generative AI models such as GTP-3, DALL•E, and Stable Diffusion has the potential to fundamentally change knowledge and creative work. In this talk, I'll highlight the ways generative AI can enhance products, accelerating workflows and unlocking creativity. I'll also discuss some of the technical challenges involved in building generative AI products, including prompt chaining, data privacy, learning from human and AI feedback, and AI-human interaction. 

Tristan Zajonc
Tristan Zajonc
CEO & Co-Founder | Continual

Tristan is currently the co-founder and CEO of Continual, an AI copilot platform that enables developers to build LLM-powered assistants for their applications. He was previously CTO for Machine Learning at Cloudera and co-founder of Sense, an MLOps platform acquired by Cloudera in 2016. He has spent over 10 years in the trenches of machine learning infrastructure and operations.