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Extreme Self-Service: Turning Data Consumers into Data Constructors

Alice Leach Alice Leach | Data Engineer | Whatnot

Small data teams invariably have a supply and demand problem. From requests for new data products to the classic ‘why does my data look funny?’, triaging and prioritizing data work can become a full time job. However, in many cases with a small amount of training data consumers can create their own data products. How do we help data consumers to help themselves, without hurting everyone else? In this talk, we discuss lessons learned from taking an ‘extreme’ approach to self-service analytics: developing and sharing best practices, building a data community, encouraging SQL literacy, and constructing robust guard rails.

Alice Leach
Alice Leach
Data Engineer | Whatnot

Alice Leach is a Data Engineer at Whatnot Inc., a live stream platform and marketplace that enables collectors and enthusiasts to connect, buy, and sell verified products. She began her career in science, obtaining an MChem in Chemistry from the University of Oxford (2012) and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Materials Science from Vanderbilt University (2017). She then spent four years as a Research Assistant Professor at the Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. She transitioned from academia to data in 2021, working first as a data scientist then data engineer. Her current work at Whatnot focuses on designing and building robust, self-service data workflows using a modern data stack.