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Designing for Intelligence at GitHub Next: Patterns and Practices for Making AI-powered Products

Idan Gazit Idan Gazit | Senior Director of Research, GitHub Next | GitHub

What does it take to design successful products around AI capabilities? Achieving acceptable reliability is often not about model improvements and fine-tuning. A holistic approach to building AI-powered products requires thinking about how we elicit context from users, how we prompt the models, how we decide to measure the goodness of results, and how the interaction models we use weave intelligence into experiences. 

GitHub Next is the birthplace of products like GitHub Copilot and is currently exploring the frontiers of AI assistance for the entire software development lifecycle. We'll share some practical learnings from our experience building and shipping these prototypes and successful interactions with the broader business.

Idan Gazit
Idan Gazit
Senior Director of Research, GitHub Next | GitHub

Idan is a Senior Director of Research at GitHub Next, leading the Developer Experiences team. He is a hybrid designer-developer, and can usually be found geeking out about the Web, data visualization, typography, and color. He lives in the East Bay with his family and surrounds himself with a rotating cast of half-finished projects.