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Democratizing Data with the Clover Transform Framework

Chris Hartfield Chris Hartfield | Sr. Data Platform Engineer | Clover Health

Clover cleans, normalizes, and aggregates data from a variety of healthcare systems, a vast domain of enormous complexity. But having engineers write all the data transforms for all this data is not sustainable.Clover has developed the “Clover Transform Framework” to enable people throughout the organization to write data transforms with documentation, monitoring, and testing built in. In this talk we'll discuss the balance between democratizing data while ensuring data quality, lineage, and control. We'll also cover some the extensions we've made since the initial release like machine learning and clinical submissions.

Chris Hartfield
Chris Hartfield
Sr. Data Platform Engineer | Clover Health

Chris has spent his career finding ways and building product to connect people to the content that they love. Before coming to Facebook to drive product development for creators, Chris worked at 20th Century Fox, Amazon, and Shazam. While at Facebook, Chris and his team launched the first Facebook products built specifically for creators in November of last year: the Facebook Creator App and the Facebook for Creators website.