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Data in, privacy out: data streams for the privacy age with STRM Privacy

Pim Nauts Pim Nauts | Founder | STRM Privacy
Robin Trietsch Robin Trietsch | Founding Engineer | STRM Privacy

Consumers around the world ask for better data privacy. Your legal team needs you to fix data privacy yesterday. You just want to build better data products. But how do you make sure you can actually use your data among all those demands?

Pim Nauts
Pim Nauts
Founder | STRM Privacy

Pim Nauts is founder of STRM Privacy and focused on bringing privacy-by-design to data teams. Before, he was at, the largest e-commerce marketplace in the Benelux, building the applied machine learning team in data, experimentation, recommendations and personalization as lead Data Science. Pim holds a Masters in Language and Artificial Intelligence from Tilburg University in The Netherlands. 

Robin Trietsch
Robin Trietsch
Founding Engineer | STRM Privacy

Robin Trietsch is senior software engineer at STRM Privacy, building its core infrastructure in "GK3" (Go, Kotlin, Kafka and Kubernetes). Robin was previously at, the largest e-commerce marketplace in the Benelux, where he developed the internal streaming data platform and content systems. He holds a masters in Information Systems from Eindhoven University of Technology.