With cloud data warehouses, data from all around your business is finally centralized. Now here comes the fun part: using it to power core business workflows and build analytical applications. Companies are now building applications that read and write to the warehouse to enable workflows that have access to a 360 view of your customers. Tools like Hex, Streamlit, TopCoat, and Hightouch Audiences are at the forefront of this, using data from your warehouse to enable all teams to tap into the power of the warehouse. In this talk, we'll discuss the current state of Data Apps built on top of the warehouse and where we see the future heading as warehouses become even faster. 

Tejas Manohar

Founder and Co-CEO | Hightouch

Tejas Manohar is the cofounder/co-CEO of Hightouch. Prior to founding Hightouch, Tejas was an early engineer at Segment, the leading company in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space that was acquired by Twilio for $3.2B. At Segment, Tejas realized that many of the challenges of building a best-in-class CDP would be better solved on top of the data warehouse and a modern data stack and hence, he founded Hightouch. When Tejas isn't thinking about data, he likes running and playing competitive table tennis.

Tejas Manohar

Seth Rosen

CEO, Co-Founder | TopCoat Data

Seth Rosen is co-founder and CEO of TopCoat Data - a platform for building analytical applications. Prior to founding TopCoat, Seth helped companies of all sizes build custom data apps on top of the modern data stack through his consultancy, Hashpath.  When he’s not tweeting and thinking about data, he’s tweeting while parenting two toddlers.

Seth Rosen