Dagster is an open-source, Python library for building data applications: ML, Analytics, ETL, and more. We will describe how Dagster can enable a unified stack of tooling across a wide dynamic range of use cases: from a laptop to a Kubernetes cluster; from local development, to monitoring in production; from data science, to data engineering, to machine learning.

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Nicholas Schrock

Founder & CEO | Elementl

Nick Schrock is the founder and CEO of Elementl, a company aiming to reshape the data management ecosystem, and the creator of Dagster, a new programming model for data processing.  Previously, Nick was a Principal Engineer and Director of Engineering at Facebook. In that time, Nick co-created GraphQL, and led its implementation and adoption across the entire organization and product line. He also formed the Product Infrastructure group, whose engineers, in addition to GraphQL, created React, React Native, and many other broadly-used developer technologies, both inside Facebook and the technology industry at large.

Nicholas Schrock