I will introduce: 

1. What is deep learning, and computer vision 
2. The modern development and application computer vision to enhance consumer behaviors. 

3. Why now? 

4. Market Size of making videos and photos shoppable

5. How did Markable make AI a profitable business? 

5. What difficulties we have encountered at launching something no one has launched

6. How to stay focused as an AI company

7. The short cuts

8. The team and how I recruited these AI talents

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Joy Tang

CEO & Founder | Markable AI

Joy Tang is the CEO and founder of Markable.ai, the leading AI computer vision company for the retail sector. It has raised over $5.2M and closing another $6M round from tier one global VCs with billion dollar clients on most continents. Before building Markable’s world class team, Joy won a Gold Medal in Math Olympics in China at age 16 and was the TV anchor of a Chinese television program for ten years. Joy then attended MIT on a full scholarship, with majors in math and economics. Joy sold her first start up, a social media platform for international students built together with Berkeley students to a Chinese company in her last year of college. After college, she worked as a lead machine learning quantitative scientist for seven years that built financial high frequency AI trading programs generating a daily six-figure profit while causing traditional wall street to crash in 2008. Joy left high frequency trading to create Markable.ai, upon noticing a huge gap in the market between e-commerce and digital content. This gap inspired her to develop the AI technology to make all forms of visual digital content such as photos, videos and livestream content immediately shoppable. Markable.ai has a goal to deliver the ultimate shopping therapy for consumers; the future of AI driven fast e-commerce; and the future of AI driven green, user-engaged advertising.

Joy Tang