Data stacks - from launching data collection pipelines, provisioning data warehouses, developing ETL systems, and integrating data science and BI applications - used to take teams weeks and months to build. Today, using off-the-shelf tools, companies can set up this entire infrastructure in a matter of hours, all without needing specialist data engineers.

This talk will not only introduce the technology that makes this possible - it will also show how it can be done, in a live demo. During this talk, Benn will set up an end-to-end data stack, highlighting how any company can go from having little than a website to running automatic data pipelines, a scalable data warehouse, live dashboards, and a data science platform in under thirty minutes.

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Benn Stancil

Chief Analytics Officer | Mode

Benn Stancil is a co­founder and Chief Analyst at Mode, a company building collaborative tools for data scientists and analysts. Benn is responsible for overseeing Mode's internal analytics efforts, and is also an active contributor to the data science community. In addition, Benn provides strategic oversight and guidance to Mode's product direction as a member of the product leadership team.

Benn Stancil