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Building a Business Review Program from Scratch

Greg Johnson Greg Johnson | Head of Business Analytics | GlossGenius
Katie Bauer Katie Bauer | Head of Data | GlossGenius

Regular, metrics-focused business review meetings are a common practice in all types of companies, and getting an effective one up and running is a common task for new data leaders. There are many blog posts describing what an ideal end state looks like, but few discussions of building up to that state from an MVP version. In this talk, we'll talk about how we built our executive metrics review process at GlossGenius, where it is today, and where we'd like to take it next.

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
Head of Business Analytics | GlossGenius

Greg Johnson is an analytics leader who’s passionate about the power of visualization for synthesizing and communicating information. He is currently Head of Business Analytics at GlossGenius and has previous experience in strategy and operations at Uber and investment banking at Nomura Securities. Greg earned a B.A. in Economics from Amherst College.

Katie Bauer
Katie Bauer
Head of Data | GlossGenius

Katie Bauer is a data leader who focuses on delivering actionable analysis, scalable data infrastructure, and building strong stakeholder relationships. She is currently Head of Data at GlossGenius and has previously led and built data teams at Reddit and Twitter.