Revenue Maximization in the Shared Bike Business Using Network Analysis and Geospatial Mapping

Arpit Agarwal, Director of Data Science | Zoomcar

In 2017, Zoomcar launched India's first bike sharing service, PEDL, aimed to make shorter commutes convenient. This business comes with challenges such as maintaining high cycle availability at all times and managing IoT device dysfunctionalities, vandalism, fleet re-balancing and many more.The talk will cover the methodology to overcome these burning challenges, keeping in mind both revenue maximization and customer experience.



Arpit Agarwal

Director of Data Science | Zoomcar

Arpit Agarwal is the Director of Data Science at Zoomcar, India. He has 10 years of industry experience and has solved inventory optimization & customer retention problems across industries such as shared mobility and fashion retail.

He previously pioneered the NPS rollout and feedback analytics for leading fashion brands in India; work for which he has been bestowed with the “Best Use of Customer Insights to Enhance Customer Experience” award at India's Customer FEST 2017.

Arpit has authored articles on "Fleet Management" and "Analytics in IoT Cars" in various publications. He is also a regular contributor at data science and AI conferences across India. Apart from analytics, he has a deep interest in music & arts which inspires him to drive creativity at work.

Arpit Agarwal