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Automating Modeling Pipelines

William Nelson William Nelson | Principal Data Scientist | Intent Media Inc

At Intent Media we make real time decisions about how to treat users based on machine learning models. These models are trained daily on huge historical datasets, use real time data and return predictions in tens of milliseconds. 

All of this is difficult, however the real challenge is that we have hundreds of models, each of which have their own configurations, defaults, accuracy thresholds, decision strategy etc. I will describe how we coordinate these models, how we automate the model publishing pipeline and how we monitor everything to ensure the best model is used every time.

William Nelson
William Nelson
Principal Data Scientist | Intent Media Inc

William is an experienced Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of success in the Ad-tech industry and as an IT consultant. Skilled in Machine Learning, Mathematics, Numerical Simulation, Python, Scala, Spark, Big data and Continuous Integration. Data scientist with 5+ years professional experience and a PhD focused in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from King's College London, U. of London.