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A New Era of Applied AI: How to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of AI for Business Impact

Gaurav Rao Gaurav Rao | EVP & GM Machine Learning and AI | AtScale

Global spend on AI continues to explode, even during the current economic climate, as C-Suite and senior executives realize the importance AI has and will have on their business models. Despite these massive investments, enterprises are challenged to show ROI from their AI initiatives due to complexity and lack of business adoption. 

Gaurav will share his perspective on market trends in machine learning and AI as well as the challenges current enterprises face to deliver business value from data-centric AI. While business users and developers work in separate environments with separate tools, he will cover how to effectively bridge AI with business decision makers, the capabilities required, and example of doing this with a universal semantic layer. 

Gaurav Rao
Gaurav Rao
EVP & GM Machine Learning and AI | AtScale

Gaurav is currently the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Machine Learning and AI at AtScale. He is responsible for defining and leading the business that extends the company’s semantic layer platform to address the rapidly expanding set of Enterprise AI and machine learning applications. Most recently, Gaurav served as VP of Product at Neural Magic - innovators in software acceleration for deep learning utilizing sparse model architectures. Previously, he served in a number of executive roles at IBM spanning product, engineering, and sales that were focused on taking cutting edge data science, machine learning, and AI offerings to market. He specializes in model training and serving, mlops, and trusted AI in the context of driving business outcomes for enterprise applications. He is also an advisor to data and AI companies.