In this talk, Hung will go over the technical challenges Y42 has faced and how they solved them. The challenges include:

  • Performance issues saving “status” inside GIT
  • Using GIT in the browser effectively
  • Merge conflicts having the frontend and backend (auto-)commit to the same branch

Y42's innovations will also be highlighted. Besides using GIT as a noSQL database, they are proud to announce one other major innovation. The Y42 app is significantly UI-based as they want to cater to the needs of data analysts and business users to enable them to collaborate effectively with analytical engineers/data engineers — so, they built their own GIT engine in the browser. This way, non-technical users can continue to use the UI which creates the JSON settings under the hood and commit these changes completely in the browser. Technical users, on the other hand, can code their settings directly using their IDE and still work collaboratively with their non-technical peers who operate on the browser. In summary, the following innovations will be covered:

  • The use of GIT as a noSQL database replacement to save status
  • Browser-based, high-performance implementation of GIT
  • The use of UI to create JSON settings in the browser that can be committed through the browser
  • Effective version control of tables inside the data warehouse using settings hashes + status committed straight inside GIT
  • Data-pipeline-as-code (including dashboard-as-code and integrations-as-code)

Hung Dang

CEO / CTO | y42

Now founder of Y42, Hung started his career in the live-event business. In 2014, he co-founded "Party like Gatsby", a global event series hosting more than 100,000 guests. Driven by thin margins, he developed his own data analytics tool in 2016. Similar to AWS, the tool soon became a company of its own under the name "Mitra Intelligence". Mitra hit a nerve and was acquired in 2018 by a MDAX (German Fortune 100) company. There, Hung, advised the CXO/VPs leading the data platform initiatives w/ a team of 30+ and executing a global rollout. However, Hung was far from finished and did not want to settle for a corporate career: in 2020, he put most of his money back into the business intelligence startup that would eventually become Y42.

Hung Dang