Gregory Larson

VP Engineering & Head of Technology | Jasper

Work for your teams first, then work together to make your product great.

I am passionate about fostering a culture where individuals and small teams are empowered and motivated to drive valuable outcomes for our customers. I focus on investing in the potential of the people in my organization and love seeing them grow to reach higher levels. I've grown productive engineering organizations quickly that ship high-quality software to various markets. I've worked with others to invent new products and iterated on already successful products to continue to propel the business forward.

I excel at understanding and defining complex problems, creating a comprehensive strategies and solutions, and leading in executing with the right leaders and others. I have experience from both ends of the software business spectrum--from a corporate giant to a lean startup--that enables me to take the best of what I've learned and apply it to whatever endeavor I embark on.

Gregory Larson