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AI - The Future is Now

Barry McCardel Barry McCardel | Co-Founder & CEO | Hex
George Mathew George Mathew | Managing Director | Insight Partners
Sean Owen Sean Owen | Principal Specialist for Data Science and ML | Databricks
Gregory Larson Gregory Larson | VP Engineering | Jasper
Idan Gazit Idan Gazit | Senior Director of Research, GitHub Next | GitHub

Join us for a thoughtful discussion between AI heavyweights on what to expect in this present age of AI. We promise that the moderator won’t try to generate all their questions via ChatGPT (#tired) but will draw on their own personal experience and insight to serve up some awesome queries (#wired).

Barry McCardel
Barry McCardel
Co-Founder & CEO | Hex

Barry McCardel is the CEO and co-founder of Hex.
He had previously worked at TrialSpark as a Senior Director, Operations & Strategy and at Palantir Technologies where he led teams at the intersection of product development and real-world impact.

George Mathew
George Mathew
Managing Director  | Insight Partners

George Mathew joins Insight Partners as a Managing Director focused on venture stage investments in AI, ML, Analytics, and Data companies as they are establishing product/market Fit.

He brings 20+ years of experience developing high-growth technology startups including most recently being CEO of Kespry. Prior to Kespry, George was President & COO of Alteryx where he scaled the company through it’s IPO (AYX). Previously he held senior leadership positions at SAP and He has driven company strategy, led product management and development, and built sales and marketing teams.  

George holds a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology from Cornell University and a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University, where he was a Fuqua Scholar.

Sean Owen
Sean Owen
Principal Specialist for Data Science and ML | Databricks

Gregory Larson
Gregory Larson
VP Engineering | Jasper

Greg joined Jasper as the head of technology to build out the organization and invest in making AI a part of every creative's workflow. He is passionate about fostering a culture where individuals and small teams are empowered and motivated to drive valuable outcomes for their customers. Greg is a leader who focuses on investing in the potential of the people in his organization and loves seeing them grow to reach higher levels.

In past positions Greg was the head of engineering at Divvy Pay and ObservePoint, and he led development and AI projects at Adobe, Jive/LogMeIn, and Microsoft. He is also an active investor and advisor for other startups looking to create transformational products and technologies. Greg has invented new products and categories, grown technology organizations rapidly to support hyper growth, and led as an executive at multiple unicorn startups.

Greg earned a B.S. in computer science from The University of Utah, and devotes much of his available memory to random facts and niche topics. He also enjoys other, less docile activities like playing drums, coaching youth hockey, and watching motor sports.

Idan Gazit
Idan Gazit
Senior Director of Research, GitHub Next | GitHub

Idan is a Senior Director of Research at GitHub Next, leading the Developer Experiences team. He is a hybrid designer-developer, and can usually be found geeking out about the Web, data visualization, typography, and color. He lives in the East Bay with his family and surrounds himself with a rotating cast of half-finished projects.