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What I Don’t Want To Exist In The Data World In 5 Years

Ben Rogojan Ben Rogojan | Principal Consultant And Owner Of Seattle Data Guy | Seattle Data Guy

Whether consulting or working as an employee there are certain tools, patterns and practices I think many of us would like to disappear in the next few years. Many of them delay projects, frustrate data engineers and yet we continue to rely on them. Whether it be transfering data via SFTP or joining teams without coding standards, some companies, even those that may be considered cutting edge, still have these patterns.

Why can't we move on?

In this talk I will explore some of these tools, patterns and practices as well as why I hope I don’t see them around in a few years.

Ben Rogojan
Ben Rogojan
Principal Consultant And Owner Of Seattle Data Guy | Seattle Data Guy

Ben has spent his career focused on helping companies develop end-to-end data solutions that are simple and maintainable. He has worked in various industries such as healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. In addition, he has worked for companies including Facebook as a data engineer. Using his broad experiences he has helped companies develop, improve, modernize, and migrate their data infrastructure.