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URGENT! Help these Pets Find Homes: Working Across Teams in DataHub

Paul Logan Paul Logan | Developer Relations Lead | Acryl Data
Maggie Hays Maggie Hays | Founding Community Product Manager of DataHub | Acryl Data

Long Tail Companions (a hypothetical pet adoption service) is in crisis– their data infrastructure has ground to a halt and they are unable to process any adoptions. In this 45 minute hands-on workshop you’ll be split into teams responsible for fixing problems in different parts of their pipeline. Each team will use DataHub to ingest data from a different platform( DBT, Looker, or Snowflake) and locate process and pipeline failures using the information supplied by other teams. Working together in DataHub, you’ll find the source of the failure, and get the adoption process moving again!

Paul Logan
Paul Logan
Developer Relations Lead | Acryl Data

Paul Logan is the Developer Relations Lead at Acryl Data. He's developer advocate and engineer who’s previously worked at Postman and Slack, Paul is dedicated to creating delightful, pain-free learning experiences to help developers get the most out of their tools. If tech was DnD, his class would be Bard.

Maggie Hays
Maggie Hays
Founding Community Product Manager of DataHub | Acryl Data

Maggie Hays is the Community Product Manager for DataHub and part of the Founding Team at Acryl Data. She is passionate about building resources that allow data to be accessible, intuitive, and impactful for a wide spectrum of end-users so organizations can fully realize the power of data-backed decisions. Maggie is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for others to explore new technology, work collaboratively, and pursue life-long learning. You can find her regularly organizing data-focused hackathons, design sprints, mentoring programs, and more.