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Track Host: Streaming Systems

Timo Walther Timo Walther | Principal Software Engineer @ Confluent, PMC @ Apache Flink | Confluent

This track looks at various tooling used to build real-time applications and the underlying data infrastructure that supports the movement of data to computation. Examples of talks include case studies on how applications use messaging systems, how applications maintain consistency and correctness while ingesting large amounts of data, and computational frameworks for processing data with low latency. This is a practical track for engineers looking to design the backbone of a data intensive application architecture.

Timo Walther
Timo Walther
Principal Software Engineer @ Confluent, PMC @ Apache Flink | Confluent

Timo Walther is a long-term member of the management committee and among the top committers in the Apache Flink project. He studied Computer Science at TU Berlin and participated in the Database Group. Timo worked as a software engineer at Data Artisans and lead of the SQL team at Ververica. He was a Co-Founder of Immerok which was acquired by Confluent in 2023. In Flink, he is working on various topics in the Table & SQL ecosystem to make stream processing accessible for everyone.