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Track Host: Streaming Systems

Ian Nowland Ian Nowland | Vice President Engineering - Metrics and Alerts | Datadog

This track looks at infrastructure used to build real-time applications and the underlying data infrastructure that supports the movement of data to computation. Speakers will cover topics such as lessons learned from moving to a Kafka-based setup, using KSQL, implementing a custom streaming SQL engine, streaming metrics and the future of event-based applications.

This is a practical track for data engineers looking to design the backbone of a data intensive application architecture.

Ian Nowland
Ian Nowland
Vice President Engineering - Metrics and Alerts | Datadog

Ian Nowland is the VP Engineering Metrics and Alerting at Datadog, the two main metric streaming and query platforms at Datadog. Before that he was SVP Engineering Manager of the Compute Platform at Two Sigma, and he spent 8 years in AWS where his major achievement was building the team that shipped the first three generations of the EC2 Nitro platform.