The Hero Engineering track contains the stories of teams that build surprisingly high-impact data systems with few resources. These can be full-stack data platforms or can go deep into one particular area or problem solved in a creative way. Talks are typically delivered by startups working to build "a lot with a little". Each talk will distill the wisdom learned, so that you can take home impactful "mental tools" to use in your own work.

Engineers in our community are intrigued by database theory, and there are many academics working on interesting projects in the field of databases we want to learn about. This track also dives into different usecases for NoSQL, Graph and Document stores, database scaling examples, and occasional stories about engineers rolling their own data storage layer or any other custom data tooling they built to solve a specific problem.


Robert Winslow

Co-founder & CTO | EraDB

Robert Winslow is the co-founder and CTO of EraDB, developer of a time-series database built for machine learning and anomaly detection. He has previously led backend development at companies like RankScience and Spot.com; created a rigorous, open-source time-series benchmarking suite for InfluxData; and rapidly prototyped software in a skunkworks-type product lab.

He thrives in early-stage startup environments, and works primarily in Go, Python, and Rust. He’s taught graduate statistics at GalvanizeU and mentored at the Stanford d.school. He helps maintain Google’s FlatBuffers project, one of the world’s fastest serialization libraries. A colleague once described him as “the developer equivalent of ‘The Wolf’ from Pulp Fiction." is a seasoned software consultant with a decade of experience shipping great products.

Robert Winslow