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Towards Human-AI Teaming: Intelligence Ecosystems to Tackle High-Stakes Use Cases

Clodéric Mars Clodéric Mars | VP of Engineering | AIR

When it comes to sensitive or high-stakes use cases, such as emergency response dispatch or in air traffic management, humans’ expertise, common sense, and sensibility can’t be replaced by AI; instead, the influence of these human qualities should be augmented. When the stakes and complexity level are high, AI assistance can help humans make sense of the sheer amount of data and not be overwhelmed. In return, humans can help AI understand the larger context and be trusted to make complex decisions.

In this talk, it will be explained how creating shared experiences between humans and AIs addresses the limitations of traditional AI techniques in order to create efficient human-AI teams. The speaker will present what he learned by building such intelligence ecosystems using Cogment, an open-source framework, and show the audience how they can apply these principles to their use cases.

Clodéric Mars
Clodéric Mars
VP of Engineering | AIR

Clodéric Mars is VP of Engineering at AI Redefined. For more than 15 years, he has pursued one goal: fostering the collaboration between Humans and AIs. At INRIA then at Golaem and MASA Group he has worked on explicit AI techniques applied to video games, simulation and special effects. Clodéric contributed to the development of AIs used, for instance, to create digital extra for the tv show « Game of Thrones » or for military training in more than 20 countries. In 2015, he co-founded craft ai to focus on making machine learning explainable and performant, he helped build a multidisciplinary team and product that ran AIs in production for 10+ B2B customers. In 2020, he joined AI Redefined to accelerate the development of the Cogment orchestration platform to further the synergy between Humans and AIs.