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This App Ends Tantrums: How ML, NLP, and Five Minutes of Playtime Help Parents, Caregivers, and Children Enjoy Life Together

Mady Mantha Mady Mantha | Co-Founder & CTO | Happypillar

One in five kids has a mental or behavioral disorder, but only 15% have access to care, and the current supply of trained therapists barely covers that demand. Happypillar is a digital therapeutic app that provides evidence-proven behavioral intervention to all at scale. Learn how we combine ML, ASR, NLP, and other technologies with the expertise of our founding clinical play therapist to offer accurate and real-time personalized feedback, all with compliant security processes and the strictest privacy controls.

Mady Mantha
Mady Mantha
Co-Founder & CTO | Happypillar

Product and ML Engineering Leader. As Director of Conversational AI at Sirius, lead the team that built Walmart’s conversational AI, featured in the Wall Street Journal. Led a successful exit of a consumer app startup. Working on democratizing access to mental health for families.