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The Story of DevRel at Snowflake: How We Got Here

Felipe Hoffa Felipe Hoffa | Data Cloud Advocate | Snowflake
Daniel Myers Daniel Myers | Developer Relations | Snowflake

Felipe Hoffa and Daniel Myers joined Snowflake as Developer Advocates in 2020 and have been integral to the company's incredible rise. In this talk, Felipe and Daniel will present an honest take of their wildly different approaches to Developer Relations and how both have been critical in building Snowflake's world-class developer community and ecosystem from the ground up. You'll learn how they define DevRel KPIs & metrics and hear about daily challenges they face and lessons learned along the way. You might even get inspired to become a Developer Advocate after understanding the different ways to engage with the Snowflake community and what's next for Snowflake Developer Relations.

Felipe Hoffa
Felipe Hoffa
Data Cloud Advocate | Snowflake

Felipe Hoffa has been Snowflake's Data Cloud Advocate since 2020. Previously he was at Google, as a Developer Advocate on Data Analytics for BigQuery, after joining as a Software Engineer. He moved from Chile to San Francisco in 2011. His goal is to inspire developers and data scientists around the world to analyze and understand their data in ways they never could before.

Daniel Myers
Daniel Myers
Developer Relations | Snowflake

Danie Myers, joined Snowflake in 2020 and previously held roles at different companies, including Google, Cisco, and Fujitsu. In addition, he led and founded multiple startups. Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and an MBA, and he is an inventor of three patents.