In building data-centric products, companies have many architectural and cultural questions to consider. What is the right technology to use? What data design and use patterns do we want to encourage? In ZipRecruiter’s case, these questions have been answered in many different ways by many different teams since the company was founded in 2010. A decade later, we’re knee-deep in the process of bringing our data landscape under control. This talk discusses the process the company has gone through on its path towards a more mature data governance model and data-driven culture -- the challenges we’ve faced, key strategies we’ve employed, and the opportunities it’s unlocked. 

Paula Griffin

Director of Product | Zip Recruiter

Paula Griffin is a Director of Product at ZipRecruiter, where her team is responsible for building a complete understanding of job seekers -- their backgrounds, their actions, and their implicit characteristics.  She also leads the company’s experimentation platform initiative. 

Prior to ZipRecruiter, Paula worked at Quora where she owned all products related to growth, personalization, and content quality.  She holds a PhD in Biostatistics from Boston University, where her research focused on statistical network models.

Paula Griffin