Business intelligence is currently transitioning between some critical waves. The legacy proprietary BI vendors are quickly showing their age and new wave cloud BI platforms are still offering inflexible bundles. The BI stack is unbundling and being reassembled. Inspired by the rise of open source in the rest of the modern data stack, I started the Apache Superset project within Airbnb to modernize BI and inject the benefits of flexibility through open source. In this talk, I will share my thoughts on this next wave of BI and how the data stack will evolve with it.

Max Beauchemin

CEO | Preset Labs

Maxime Beauchemin recently joined Lyft as a Software Engineer after some time at Airbnb as a data engineer developing tools to help streamline and automate data-engineering processes. He is also the creator and lead committer on Apache Airflow and Apache Superset. He mastered his data-warehousing fundamentals at Ubisoft and was an early adopter of Hadoop/Pig while at Yahoo in 2007. More recently, at Facebook, he developed analytics-as-a-service frameworks around engagement and growth-metrics computation, anomaly detection, and cohort analysis. He’s a father of three, and in his free time, he’s a digital artist.

Max Beauchemin