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The Data Practitioners Guide to Data Discovery

Shirshanka Das Shirshanka Das | Co-Founder and CEO | Acryl Data
Maggie Hays Maggie Hays | Founding Community Product Manager of DataHub | Acryl Data

Ever wonder what is the secret behind the productivity of data scientists and engineers at data-driven companies like LinkedIn, Airbnb, and others? The answer lies in delightful and trustworthy data discovery!
In this session, Shirshanka Das and Maggie Hays walk you through one of the most popular data discovery systems in the open-source data space, DataHub.

We will share how DataHub stitches together metadata from tools like dbt, Airflow, Spark, Looker, and many others to create delightful data discovery experiences at many companies like LinkedIn, Expedia, Peloton, Saxo Bank, and Wolt.

After taking a peek under the hood of DataHub’s architecture, we’ll show you how to get productive with DataHub in 10 minutes or less. We will share approaches to automation that we have heard from the almost 2K strong DataHub Community, as well as strategies for sourcing and surfacing impactful metadata to fuel data discovery, modern data governance, and data observability.

Shirshanka Das
Shirshanka Das
Co-Founder and CEO | Acryl Data

Prior to founding Acryl Data, Shirshanka was the overall architect for Big Data at LinkedIn from 2010 to 2020, and was responsible for creating the metadata and data management strategy at the company. As part of this, he founded the DataHub project and shaped its evolution to a metadata platform that powers productivity and governance use cases at LinkedIn. He is also a PMC and committer on the Apache Gobblin project which manages 100PB+ of data assets at rest at LinkedIn and is deployed in production at other large companies like Verizon and PayPal. Prior to LinkedIn, Shirshanka worked on high-performance serving systems at Yahoo and PayPal. Shirshanka has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA.

Maggie Hays
Maggie Hays
Founding Community Product Manager of DataHub | Acryl Data

Maggie Hays is the Community Product Manager for DataHub and part of the Founding Team at Acryl Data. She is passionate about building resources that allow data to be accessible, intuitive, and impactful for a wide spectrum of end-users so organizations can fully realize the power of data-backed decisions. Maggie is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for others to explore new technology, work collaboratively, and pursue life-long learning. You can find her regularly organizing data-focused hackathons, design sprints, mentoring programs, and more.