Data teams everywhere struggle with pipeline debt: untested, undocumented assumptions that drain productivity, erode trust in data and kill team morale. Unfortunately, rolling your own data validation tooling usually takes weeks or months. In addition, most teams suffer from “documentation rot,” where data documentation is hard to maintain, and therefore chronically outdated, incomplete, and only semi-trusted.

Great Expectations, the leading open source project for fighting pipeline debt, can solve these problems for you. We're excited to share new features and under-the-hood architecture with the data community.

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Abe Gong

Co-Founder & CEO | Great Expectations

Abe Gong is a core contributor to the Great Expectations open source library, and CEO and Co-founder at Superconductive.

Prior to Superconductive, Abe was Chief Data Officer at Aspire Health, the founding member of the Jawbone data science team, and lead data scientist at Massive Health.

Abe has been leading teams using data and technology to solve problems in health care, consumer wellness, and public policy for over a decade. Abe earned his PhD at the University of Michigan in Public Policy, Political Science, and Complex Systems. He speaks and writes regularly on data, healthcare, and data ethics. Abe is on twitter @AbeGong.

Abe Gong