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Swimming in the Data River, or, when “Streaming Analytics” isn’t

Gian Merlino Gian Merlino | Co-Founder & CTO | Imply

The dirty secret of most “streaming analytics” technologies is that they are just stream processors: they sit on a stream and continuously compute the results of a particular query. They’re good for alerting, keeping a dashboard up-to-date in real time, and streaming ETL, but they’re not good at powering apps that give you true insight into what is happening: for this you need the ability to explore, slice/dice, drill down, and search into the data.This talk will cover the current state of the streaming analytics world, what Druid brings to the table, and some of the technical details behind its design and its integration with Kafka.

Gian Merlino
Gian Merlino
Co-Founder & CTO | Imply

Gian is a cofounder and CTO of Imply, a San Francisco based technology company. Gian is also one of the main committers of Druid. Previously, Gian led the data ingestion team at Metamarkets (now a part of Snapchat) and held senior engineering positions at Yahoo. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Caltech.