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Streaming Analytics with dbt: The Fun Parts

Dennis Hume Dennis Hume | Senior DevEx Engineer | Materialize

Many data teams have a streaming use case waiting to get off the ground: that dashboard that could run a little faster, a little cheaper; or that notification that could go out right now, instead of in 15 minutes. More often than not, the blocker is getting the required infrastructure in place to even get started with streaming, and having to let go of all the tools your team knows and loves. What if nothing had to change, and streaming still meant just using a database and writing dbt models? In this hands-on workshop, you will build a streaming application from scratch in under an hour using Materialize, dbt and a dash of SQL

Dennis Hume
Dennis Hume
Senior DevEx Engineer | Materialize

Dennis is a Senior DevEx Engineer at Materialize. He has over a decade+ experience in the data space, focusing on platform engineering and data infrastructure. He has helped many companies improve their data stacks, starting from Wolfram Alpha and Epic, and most recently Dutchie and Drizly.