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Stream Processing in Python with Wallaroo

Andy Turley Andy Turley | Lead Software Engineer | Wallaroo Labs

Wallaroo, now available open-source, is an ultrafast and elastic data processing engine that rapidly takes you from prototype to production by making the infrastructure virtually disappear.

It is designed to handle demanding high-throughput, low-latency tasks where the accuracy of results is essential. Wallaroo takes care of mechanics of scaling, resilience, state management, and message delivery. We've designed Wallaroo to make it easy to scale applications with no code changes and allow programmers to focus on business logic.

Wallaroo's scale-independent API allows you to run your code on Wallaroo, across any number of servers whether on-premise or in the cloud. Your business logic is independent of scale and infrastructure, while Wallaroo is aware of the scale and infrastructure and takes care of all the "plumbing" for you.

In this talk we will:

* Give an overview of Wallaroo
* An overview of the problem we are solving with our scale-independent API
* A short intro to the Python API
* A demonstration of our autoscale functionality
* An idea of the power of scale-independent APIs in action

Andy Turley
Andy Turley
Lead Software Engineer | Wallaroo Labs

Andy Turley is lead software engineer at Wallaroo Labs. He specializes in Microcontrollers, computer audio, rapid application prototyping.