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Scaling Experimentation to 20 Billion Users

Timothy Chan Timothy Chan | Head of Data | Statsig

Statsig is a product observability platform that helps product teams move faster and make better decisions. Companies like Notion, Flipkart, Eventbrite, Ancestry, and Univision use it to release features, run experiments and measure impact. In only two years, Statsig is supporting thousands of experiments across billions of users (unique company specific userIDs).

Timothy Chan
Timothy Chan
Head of Data | Statsig

Timothy Chan is an experienced data science professional, currently serving as the Head of Data at Statsig. This cutting-edge platform provides product observability and experimentation services to top companies such as Notion, RecRoom, WhatNot, and OfferUp. Before joining Statsig, Timothy spent 5 years as a Data Scientist at Facebook (now Meta), where he was involved in projects across Facebook App and Reality Labs. Before venturing into the tech industry, Timothy worked in biotech, researching treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and Cancer. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and an MBA in Entrepreneurship.