Squarespace’s Journey to a Modern Analytics Platform

Aaron Richter, PhD, Lead Data Engineer | Squarespace

Squarespace’s data organization processes data from millions of customers to power insights across the business - anything from financial reporting, to forecasting marketing spend, to analyzing the results of A/B tests. Two years ago, we embarked on a journey to centralize ETL and analytics workloads into a centralized, cloud-based Analytics Platform. The platform resembles a “modern data stack”, consisting of BigQuery, Trino, dbt, Looker, and Airflow. As a large, nearly 20-year-old company, it was no small feat to migrate hundreds of ETL pipelines and dashboards into the platform. This talk will discuss the journey we took to unify our data practice by migrating off of homegrown, on-prem systems and centralizing data in the cloud. Attendees will get a deep dive into how we used dbt with Trino to connect on-prem data with BigQuery, and how we built custom CI/CD pipelines to streamline testing of dbt code for dozens of dbt developers. You’ll also get a peek into how we orchestrate thousands of dbt models across several projects using Airflow.


Aaron Richter, PhD

Lead Data Engineer | Squarespace

Aaron Richter is a software developer with a passion for all things data. His work involves making sure data is clean and accessible, and that the tools to access it are at peak performance. Aaron is currently a data engineer at Squarespace, where he supports the company’s analytics platform. Previously, he built the data warehouse at Modernizing Medicine, and worked as a data science advocate at Saturn Cloud. He has given talks at several major data conferences, including PyData, Spark Summit, and ODSC. Aaron is based in NYC and holds a PhD in machine learning from Florida Atlantic University.

Aaron Richter, PhD