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Spectrify: Leveraging Redshift Spectrum for Fun and Profit

Colin Nichols Colin Nichols | Director Of Engineering | Narrativ

Redshift has lowered the barrier to entry for big data analytics to near zero. Its pay-per-node pricing provides a predictable level of performance and palatable prices for small-to-medium businesses, especially those just starting their Big Data journey.

However, many businesses fail to account for the effects of time on their redshift cluster. As time-indexed data accumulates and “cools off,” businesses are forced to buy extra nodes to store old data they aren’t querying.

Spectrify is an open-source project that solves the historical data problem with a few simple shell commands. It is backed by Redshift Spectrum, a pay-per-query “exascale compute service.” Long term, the goal is to make Spectrify the only tool you need to manage data across these complimentary services.

Colin Nichols
Colin Nichols
Director Of Engineering | Narrativ

Colin leads big data initiatives for Narrativ and has a strong record of shaping engineering culture around the tenets of quality, automation, and continuous learning.

Over the course of his career in the Consumer Technology, Big Data, and Defense industries, Colin has presented at IEEE conferences, architected/implemented projects on numerous cloud-based sites, and led teams to partner with the Army and Navy on specific collaborative initiatives.

Colin graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA/MS in computer engineering. His Masters thesis was funded by DARPA, and focused on OS kernel and hypervisor security. Colin lives in Connecticut with his dog, Macgyver, and his wife, Isabelle.