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Scale Processes, Not People: How Data Teams Do More With Less By Adopting Software Engineering Best Practices

Thomas La Piana Thomas La Piana | Data Engineer | GitLab

A high performance data team can be a force-multiplier for any organization. It is no secret that data and analytics teams usually don’t get the amount of resources and support that they desire. So how does one effect the most change with the smallest team and fewest resources possible? The best place to look for inspiration is software engineering. It is our belief that data engineering, science, and analytics is a sub-field of software engineering. As this field matures we should avoid reinventing any wheels and learn from the best practices of software engineering and DevOps. The proliferation of high-quality open source data tools is making this easier than ever.

Thomas La Piana
Thomas La Piana
Data Engineer | GitLab

Thomas La Piana is a Data Engineer at GitLab. GitLab is a single application forthe entire devops life-cycle. From CI/CD to security and monitoring, GitLab provides tools to cover everything. Previously, Thomas was a Data Engineer for OrderMyGear, a Dallas, TX based startup focused on revolutionizing the team sports apparel industry.Thomas graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelors in Political Science. He wrote and presented two papers on Chinese politics beforedeciding that software is what he was truly passionate about.