Apache Airflow is a Python-based task orchestrator that has seen widespread adoption among startups and enterprises alike to author, schedule, and monitor data workflows.

By deploying the Airflow stack via Helm on Kubernetes, fresh environments can be easily spun up or down, scaling to near 0 when no jobs are running. As companies scale up their Airflow usage, they need more control, and observability over their stack as it becomes more ingrained into their culture and more important to the business.

This talk will go through the technical challenges of supporting thousands of airflow deployments, how to monitor them, reliably push DAG updates, and how to build all the supporting infrastructure of a rock-solid Airflow system in a cloud native environment using open source software.

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Greg Neiheisel

Co-Founder & CTO | Astronomer

Greg is a co-founder and CTO of Astronomer. Astronomer's mission is to make it simple for anyone to leverage the power of Apache Airflow. Previously Greg has co-founded several other technology startups and a software and design consultancy.

Greg Neiheisel