Learn how NextGenVest is using deep learning to scale human advice over SMS to help Gen Z reduce student loan burdens. Despite the average college graduate owing $37,000 in student loans, they leave $2.7 billion in free money unclaimed because they do not have access to guidance. 

In this talk we’ll start with an overview of state-of-the-art chatbot models and explore their benefits and limitations. This first part will aim to bridge the gap between research state-of-the-art and business practicality. We’ll proceed with a technical overview of our neural-network based model, reward function and design choices from both a technical and business perspective.

We’ll end by showing performance in the wild through our real-time SMS chats and our impact on the broader education system compared to ongoing DOE efforts. We’ll end with a brief discussion about using human-first bots and why AI-assisted human interactions should be human-first.

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William Falcon

Co-founder | NextGenVest

William - is a startup founder, AI researcher and AI writer for Forbes. He uses AI to deliver social impact. He's a Ph.D. student and Google Deepmind fellow co-advised by Kyunghyun Cho at NYU CILVR Lab and Eero Simoncelli at the LCV lab. His research interest is in the intersection of AI and neuroscience. He focuses on biologically inspired fundamental research in deep learning and reinforcement learning with applications to social problems, neuroscience, and NLP.

William Falcon

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