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Python Data Wrangling: Preparing for the Future

Wes McKinney Wes McKinney | Founder | Ursa Labs, Member Apache Software Foundation

In this talk, I'll discuss the current status of the pandas project and where we are planning to take it in the near future. I'll also talk about related work in data interoperability, such as Apache Arrow, designed to bring together the Python and Big Data / Hadoop worlds.

Wes McKinney
Wes McKinney
Founder | Ursa Labs, Member Apache Software Foundation

Wes McKinney is an open source software developer focusing on data processing tools. He created the Python pandas project and has been a major contributor to many other OSS projects. He is a Member of the Apache Software Foundation and a project PMC member for Apache Arrow and Apache Parquet. He is the director of Ursa Labs, an innovation lab for open source data science tools powered by Apache Arrow.