Processing Geographic Data at Internet Scale

Peter Lenz, Senior Geospatial Analyst | Dstilery

Spatial data is a special class of data that requires extra care and thought when working with it. We'll explore some of background concepts of geography and walk through the real world methods Dstillery uses to process, filter, and generate insights on 80 billion pieces of geographic data daily. 



Peter Lenz

Senior Geospatial Analyst | Dstilery

Peter Lenz is a geographer and data scientist with Dstillery, a data insights company that builds behavioral profiles from billions of observations of human behavior every day using machine learning. Specializing in geographic big data and data storytelling, Peter can dive anywhere into the data pipeline from writing code, training models, to discovering insights in the data. He built up skill set working in the urban planning world, first at a consulting firm and later with an agency of the Department of the Interior. A native of New York City, today he and his family live in the Hudson Valley.

Peter Lenz