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OASIS – Data Analysis Platform for Enterprise

Keiji Yoshida Keiji Yoshida | Data Engineer in Data Labs | LINE Corporation

Making data available to each employee is important for companies to speed up their decision making. However, there are some challenges to achieve it. Controlling each employee's data access strictly is the most important thing to make data public within a company securely. In addition, a data analysis platform must be scalable and stable so that many employees can access and analyze data simultaneously and smoothly.

LINE Corporation, which is a communication platform provider based in Tokyo, Japan, has succeeded in overcoming these challenges by creating a brand-new web-based data analysis platform named "OASIS" since this year.

In the talk, 1) motivation for creating OASIS, 2) its features and system architecture, and 3) its use cases at LINE Corporation are going to be described in detail.

Keiji Yoshida
Keiji Yoshida
Data Engineer in Data Labs | LINE Corporation

Keiji Yoshida is a data engineer in Data Labs, LINE Corporation, which is a mobile messaging application provider based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been working in a project for making data of a centralized Hadoop cluster public within the company. In the project, he created and has been maintaining a well access controlled and scalable web based data analysis platform named "OASIS". The company's employees analyze and visualize data by writing Spark application code and Presto queries, and share the results within their team or department on the platform.?