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Modern Data Management - How to Set Your Data Team Up for Success

Alec Bialosky Alec Bialosky | Business Operations | Select Star

Got your Modern Data Stack setup, now what? A mature data practice goes beyond setting up the data pipeline, and ensures there are both systems and processes in place to make it easy for everyone to find and understand data. At Select Star, we work with many organizations to enable data discovery, so the “tribal knowledge” of data is searchable and understandable for everyone. In this session, we’ll share the best practices and change management tips for setting up a data discovery portal and making it the single source of truth of data for your business.

Alec Bialosky
Alec Bialosky
Business Operations | Select Star

Alec Bialosky is currently the Director of Business Operations at Select Star where he spends the majority of his time working with prospects and customers to help them achieve their data discovery goals with Select Star. Prior to joining Select Star as the first member of the GTM organization, Alec worked as a consultant leading growth strategy and due diligence projects in the TMT sector.