Modeling Businesses as Activities

Abhi Sivasailam , Head of Growth and Analytics | Flexport

I introduce a new way to model businesses as a set of activities and represent these activities in Activity Streams that serve as immutable ledgers for the events in a business. These Activity Streams are now the default starting point for business users and use cases.
 Activity Streams are similar to the Activity Schema concept pioneered by Narrator, but with some key differences:
 1. There are many Activity Streams as opposed to a single, monolithic Activity Schema;2. Activity Streams are bounded by conceptual unity, dimensional scope, and inter-event validation rules;3. Activities are represented as RDF triples. This enables Activity Streams to produce ontologies that can support knowledge graphs.
 I'll also discuss how we're operationalizing Activity Streams using dbt, and how the interface for Activity Streams can represent a kind of protocol for "data contracts".


Abhi Sivasailam

Head of Growth and Analytics | Flexport

Abhi is a Growth and Analytics leader who most recently led Product-Led Growth, Product Analytics, and Analytics Engineering at Flexport, where he helped to lead these and other functions through 10x growth over the past 3 years. Previously, Abhi led growth and data teams at Keap, Hustle, and Honeybook. Abhi is an active advisor and investor in the martech and data tech spaces and his unsolicited musings can be found on twitter @_abhisivasailam

Abhi Sivasailam